Walk to defeat ALS!

Why did I decide to skip my normal routine of rest on Sunday and drive out to walk(adding a few steps on my Fitbit pedometer!) in the heat?
Why would I walk two miles and eat pizza after?
Why did I leave my husband at church only to meet up with coworkers on the weekend?
Why did I set my alarm and arrive early for a walk?
Why does anyone do these supportive causes, raise funds, walk or run in organized hundreds or thousands out on the street, dancing or shouting whoops and hollers?
To support those we love and care about. To lift the depressed spirits of those suffering, to honor the memories of those who have gone before…
To raise funds for research so we can really feel like we are doing something.
ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) is an awful, horrible, terrible thing. It slowly robs you of everything while you’re still watching it take control if your speech, breathing, and your muscles. It is horrific to watch someone I look up to have to fight it alongside her partner, a lovely, strong, kind woman who is battling it. We celebrated with her, laughing over pizza, and hope that in some small way we can help.
I hate ALS! Why does our good and loving God allow this stuff? His reasons are sovereign, but I am having a hard time trusting Him when I see dementia and ALS and cancer take those that I love…
I had a really fun day, but the whole time I’m thinking and praying for the cure, for the answer, for encouraging words to say. I think we all know someone who has battled something dark and scary, and all of us could be doing more, but no guilt or judgment here. I love supporting a good cause (in any way I can, since I don’t have a lot of extra money right now), especially if I motivated by strong people around me. God grant us the serenity…the courage…the hope…the strength to fight this. He is love. He has the power to change, deliver, to rescue. All in his time.

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