Could I BE any happier?!

Titling a post with a Chandler Bing reference makes it seem pretty cheesy; I am quite content though. This morning I went to spin and Bodycombat at 24. The spin teacher shared his weight loss success, and his motto is “no excuses!” and the energetic BC teacher always says, “stay with the fight!”. They don’t […]


The case is over! I just spent a week in jury duty. Now I can talk about it! But you know what? I don’t want to talk about it. I…so…tired…We found him to be guilty 😦 On another note, Facebook has me irritated as well. The left side vs. the right side yet again. Go […]

Love these two genius ideas

Hey you guys, Today is my day to catch up on reading. I missed my workout class due to a car engine emergency, but my friend picked me up so we could study and read instead. Thankfully my car just needed a tuneup and I love my mechanics. I am reading Dave Ramsey’s “The Total […]

Sittin here resting mah bones

I remember a Reading rainbow episode that read aloud to us a book that went: “Bored. Nothing to do.” The narrator sounded utterly bored! That’s how I feel. I want to tell you about my last two fun weekends. We have been busy and overwhelmed, too much going on, but we needed these get aways. […]

Int’l women’s day thoughts by a woman, for all!

I canceled my class today because I was coughing so, so badly. Originally I dreaded going into work because I was over analyzing the performance eval I had and had been worried about coming in after soul searching, resting,&watching mindless tv while I was away for 2days. My workout from was good (light and […]

“Everyone must like me! I need everyone to like me!”-George (from Seinfeld)

Came home early after my evaluation because I’ve caught a cold. What do I do when I’m sick? Wear my snuggle, drink tea&reliv, and watch tv. In watching Seinfeld I realized why those characters can be so annoying- and so funny. If we learn not to take ourselves so seriously, we can laugh because they […]