Day 6- almost to a Week!

We are almost to a week of Whole30!

This morning I should’ve had a light snack because I was hungry all through church.

Church was super wonderful though. 3 of my favorite songs, a great sermon and Communion, followed by a healing prayer service(we went up and received prayer for infertility).   It was amazing.

Then I went to Yoga, with an apple in hand!

Next I made a really yummy brunch, eggs and good bacon, hash with kale.  

I got to have an enjoyable reading time and meditation this afternoon!

Tonight we had leftovers(chicken and veg stew).

We got all gussied up and went to a Ziegfeld follies swing dance party!  It was super fun!

However, I was tempted at the Snack table.  I splurged by having veg, fruit, and just a few potato chips. I know I know. But I didn’t drink or eat any sweets!

We had a really fun filled wknd!

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