Quiet (in)the calm

Agitated and emotional, I ran around frantic after church. The service was great, but I internalized and looked inward, a bit too deeply. I have been working side by side a negative person. Sometimes she can be so sweet but I feel like I never can quite measure up to her standards. So I’m constantly […]

A week’s wrinkle in time

At the physical therapy place I work at, my coworker (a hardworking PT aide) made a big bulletins board of “50 reasons to exercise.” One of the main reasons is stress! I had a stressful week. Actually 2014 has already been stressful. At work we have gotten even busier, while people like my husband are […]

And I call myself a blogger!:(

Woe is me. I haven’t blogged in almost a month. I have so much to tell you! Met new vegan friends. Been working on the church Xmas play. Fighting a cold. Started 10 day nutrition challenge. Had a great thanksgiving with the cousins and aunt. Got new business cards. Already decorated, singing carols, and getting […]

What I think about while working out

Have you read “What I think about while running” by H. Murakami? Such a good book! This morning during 24 Hour fitness’ Nike training class (taught by PIT Fit PT Tawna; a HIIT and circuit-boot camp drill type class) I got to thinking. When I don’t have a lot of time I do 30minutes on […]