A weekend of Desert RnR?

This past weekend went on a delicious girls’ retreat at the Palm Springs Hilton!

A few highlights: the huge pool and free time I had all to myself: people watching, getting a drink as I read my book, the nice hotel amenities like the fitness center and massager soap

And most of all 90 minutes of blissful solitude with God, reading and journaling from a guided meditation…And Holy Yoga!

What’s that you say? Yes, Christians do yoga! I never had a problem with it because to me it’s a stretch or just a workout but I know some people don’t like it (if they feel it’s against their religion, which is ok, to each his own) BUT Holy Yoga is nice when it’s pleasant inspiring music (praise and worship or contemporary Christian), and the certified instructor leads you with Scripture to meditate on.  You can google search Holy Yoga to see if there’s a church or a park hosting classes!(nominal fee or donation).

It was awesome. I am so thankful for this amazing time!

A few low lights, though: there was a dust storm that first night so for some reason there was hardly any sun with a huge grey cloud cover and haze, and what was so weird was that it was super humid. Ugh. I am spoiled living out here, I am still not a fan of humidity!  So when I expected to get a desert tan with the cacti, that didn’t happen but that’s not a big deal.

I had a very talkative roomie.  I’m not complaining because I do love to talk, but she kept wanting to stay in the room and chat, when I wanted to go down and be on time for our sessions (it was a church women’s leadership retreat)!  It hit me that maybe I need to learn to be quiet, be a better listener, slow down and not be so rushed…But the more relaxing the room was, the more she wanted company and the more I wanted to go find the fitness center, pool, or a quiet coffee corner.  I realized we came for solitude and rest, and I wasn’t getting that. I struggled with learning to love her and meet her where she’s at (a physical disability from a stroke, no filter, cussing or complaining about health issues) poor thing. “She can’t help it, bless her heart” as we say in the humid south!  I had a great time, just not as restful and quiet as I had hoped. Here’s a couple highlights:

Me and Marilyn

Me and Lucy:

Me by the pool:

My carpool friends and I had the best time, one brought a great play list and one brought lots of car snacks for us! And a date shake for the road:

I am very thankful for such a wonderful time!

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