Quiet (in)the calm

Agitated and emotional, I ran around frantic after church. The service was great, but I internalized and looked inward, a bit too deeply. I have been working side by side a negative person. Sometimes she can be so sweet but I feel like I never can quite measure up to her standards. So I’m constantly […]

How Taking the Leap changed my life

My phone dinged and buzzed while I was at work.  I was shaking as I read my friend THE BALANCED BRUNETTE‘S texts and I checked my email… PrAna and Fit Approach had drawn my name in the Take the Leap Yoga challenge.  What does this mean? It means I did yoga and or meditation for […]

Women Entrepreneurs

Because of my Sweat Pink sisters I get to tell you all about these motivating friends: These friends of mine inspire me every day!  I can’t choose favorites so I will go alphabetically. Ana Ana came to NYC then LA to study Fashion and Design.  We met swing dancing.  I knew she worked at a […]

WCW post

Confession time: I realized I do have girl crushes! Fitapproach and Sweat Pink and SweatGuru have been challenging me everyday with an exercise or healthy snack and also some inspiring ideas to help me blog and post new things! One being the people in my life that motivate me! Today I want to tell you […]

Embrace the Shake

Our pastor shared this today and it is so profound:  http://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake?language=en Amazing artist, learning to live with limitations and using creativity, showed me how to let go. The pastor said, “Freedom isn’t just flipping over a new calendar year. Freedom is found in what God gives us… A life without limits leads to a soul […]

Building Confidence one step at a time

I think I hide behind my loud mouth. What? That doesn’t really make sense.  I know.  I am outgoing and bubbly, drawn to shy quiet types (so I draw them out of their shell and they calm me), but I use that as a shield or guard- like a nervous habit. At work the other […]

A week of good-busy

So Monday-Wednesday was normal busy. I went to what I hoped would be the last trip to the store on Tuesday morning. DEVASTATION: they were out of Brussels sprouts!!! I had this dream of making this Martha Stewart bacon dish with them. So I changed my tune: I switched to 1 pot of steamed root […]

Goals, lists, and guilt!

Jessica from happyishealthyblog.com is one of my fave new blogging buds I got to meet at Idea World Blog Fest! She posted two things I wanted to share with you: About a week ago she posted that she was joining Mandie’s (mandiem.com )facebook group that is following Chalene Johnson (author, PiYo creator, and supreme motivator […]