Ok I can’t keep my excitement hidden any longer…fitness blog event!

But I’ve been invited to attend this Fitness bloggers’ event !
fitness magazine blog event
So if you live in the area and blog about fitness, I want to see you there!:) I love Fitness magazine and reading other fitness blogs so I hope I can meet and network. People used to tell me they could see me as a fitness instructor, I just never focused in on educating myself in that area.
I had a rough end to the busy work week, so I was nervous sharing this news since I do have to request the day off from work, but my boss is okay with us taking a personal day when we need one, so that we are re-energized for the rest of the week.
I am an independent distributor for Reliv international (reliv.com) and I am a secretary for a physical therapy facility, and my new passion lately has been health, nutrition and fitness. I have enjoyed running off and on since middle school, but I always struggled with my weight. In college I fell into depression and comfort ate myself into trouble. With Reliv’s slimplicity, I lost 40 lbs., was off the couch and into the gym which is my second home. I don’t mean I stay all day there, but it have reached a comfort level with fitting it into my schedule and I love the new friends and instructors who help me.
My mama was always into nutrition and I just thought it was a bunch of herbs and “eat your greens,” boring and tasteless. But learning from her, getting help and results with Reliv, and reading blogs and pinning recipes and ideas from Pinterest, are all helping me toward my goals.
My coworkers are very motivating! A lot of them work out on lunch breaks, they help with stretches and tips, and we tend to all eat healthy or want to meet specific goals. My supervisor got us into the Fitbit pedometer, which is now my third arm.
Because I was a nanny and am now in healthcare, I see the good of exercise and nutrition, and it breaks my heart when I see someone suffering from poor nutrition, poor health, and lack of exercise. Even someone in a wheelchair can exercise! When I hurt my back I found fun YouTube.com videos of arm, back, ab exercises for immobile types.
I am so thankful for my health and for group exercise classes that have helped me. Today I am tired and headachy but maybe a walk or tea will help. I know water and prayer will:)
Enjoy your week, stay motivated! Get out there and be safe, healthy, strong and fit.


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