About lil’ ol’ me

Growing up my dad would see me carrying 5-6 bags and/or 1 or 2 beverages in my hands and say, “You’re making it harder on yourself!” So that’s how I came up with my long blog title – I’m always carrying coffee, water, and/or tea or a smoothie, and I’m always dropping things from my purse, office bag, gym bags, (and in the future someday I’ll add “diaper bag” to that list!) or groceries! As my grandfather Jim Elliot said, “Wherever you are, be all there…Live to the hilt of every situation.”  I always try to live by that motto!

Born in MS 4 days after Christmas, to a large pastor’s family (the 3rd of 8 to be exact).  I was raised 10 of my happiest formative years in Orange County, CA.  I spent two years of High School in Mauldin, S.C. and ran to Nashvegas to get my BofA in Dramatic Arts.  My specialty is children’s theatre and drama ministry, but I knew that didn’t always pay the bills:) I went through a tough depression back then and now have relocated (as I like to say, “returned to the land God promised me”) in SoCal.  I am over-the-moon-in-love with my husband, and I am so grateful for my present job as a secretary for a physical therapy department at a wonderful hospital.

I am surrounded by fit, motivating people who cheer me on!  I love to run, but usually you can find me in the gym at a group exercise class or on a hike.  In middle school I ran 3 years of long distance with great coaches from Athletes in Action.  Sadly, in high school and college I didn’t have a track team or even a track, so I didn’t get back into running until 2007 when I lost 40 lbs. with the help of http://reliv.com (Reliv)’s supplement Slimplicity.  I was coming out of depression and off the couch and ran into the gym where I grew to love group exercise classes.

My dream is to be a group exercise fitness instructor, but for now I write about how I feel when I’m getting my sweat on, or when I learn something new from yoga or when I get an epiphany on a run.  I try to exercise 6-7 days a week, but Sunday is always the easier restful day.  I try to mix it up as much as possible with a variety of weights, cardio, and classes.  I AM NEVER BORING, BORED, or think you are boring:-)  I constantly surround myself with positive, upbeat people who I can learn from.

Since I do a lot of different things and wear many hats, I have an anchor tattoo that make people ask if I’m in the Navy (My grandfather served in WWII).  It is an old symbol of HOPE, and it’s a reminder to stay grounded in a busy world.  To stay anchored in the middle of chaos and many emotions (since my journey from depression, I am learning to stay balanced).  To me, HOPE stands for:

Health (fitness, wellness, mind, body, spirit, soul)

Opportunity (look for a new opportunity in life, the Reliv business opportunity, silver lining)

Purpose (physical fitness, performance, people, positive outlook)

Encouragement (encouraging others to live healthful lives, surrounding yourself with positive people)


9 thoughts on “About lil’ ol’ me

  1. Just read some of your blog. You are amazing and beautiful and thoughtful and fun and so many other positive things and I am so happy to know you.

  2. I like you… Your blog , but esp you.! Had a great eve sitting out on our deck talking to neighbors who don’t know HIM, but what a great eve- clear stars, chilly, fire in our fire pit , got to talk about “coincidences” and His providence with them- pray for these two Jewish neighbors.

  3. Howardelliotshepard.blogspot.com
    You are much like me – did you know that? Random, loving life, interested in all kinds of things and people? Yesterday I spent the aft in an old folks home- sweet missionary who spent 33 yrs with Quichua Indians . Is blind and 96, but can talk clearly, loves The Lord, and loved my simple harp playing and visiting her. I promised to go weekly, and she was so grateful! Broke my heart to see so many of them neglected by their families, so lonely, so wanting a kind word! You are an inspiration to many, dear Christiana….keep showing your joy and love of people!

  4. Hi! I wanted to get your email address in order to send you press releases about an upcoming fitness convention. Thank you!
    –Lydia Smith
    McKendall Communications

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