Making Memorial Day Memories

This morning it felt so good to sleep in. Then we had some cleaning and organizing around the house. My friend then met me at Deukmejian wilderness park for a nice uphill hike, (it was short, just over a mile, but boy was it hard!), complete with lovely views of our valley. We went to […]

First inspirational week with FitApproach

Fit Approach has a global ongoing (from 5/22-6/21)event happening right now!! It’s super fun and it’s called…(drum roll please)…Say something inspiring! This is my kind of challenge! I have always felt like my gifts lie in motivational encouragement, cheer, and coaching. I don’t have the talent or education to train or cheer lead, but I […]

PureLYFT natural caffeine!

I had so much fun trying my first Lyft stick today! It came in the mail yesterday so I opened it up and read the instructions on the side of the label, stirred it in my water for 10 seconds, and drank some before and during my run and my weights workout. To be honest […]