PureLYFT natural caffeine!

I had so much fun trying my first Lyft stick today! It came in the mail yesterday so I opened it up and read the instructions on the side of the label, stirred it in my water for 10 seconds, and drank some before and during my run and my weights workout.
To be honest I started to get nervous that the first ingredient is sugar, but hey it is only 1 gram! I am also sort of sensitive to caffeine but sort of addicted. Let me explain. I will get a migraine if I don’t have my one morning cup. I sometimes have an iced tea or a early afternoon cup of hot tea, but if I drink it too late in the day I’m awake during the night. So during my fitness journey I read articles saying I should have it before my workout and some say I can drink it after (because I don’t want the acidic jitteriness in my tummy). I almost always have it after my workouts. In the summer I like it iced with cold milk and in the winter I always have it hot with a little cream/milk(soy etc).
I had heard of green caffeine in pill form for weight loss (figured it was a diet fad), but this LYFT idea is truly terrific!
It did not make me jittery or did not make my water too sweet. It was light and refreshing and I hardly noticed it. I seemed to hold my speed on the treadmill pretty well and was alert during the weights portion! I am usually sleepy and groggy trying to focus. I purposely didn’t eat a whole lot until after because I really wanted to see how I would do with this LYFT stick. I will try the second one on Tuesday when I do my double header Spin and BodyPump(a long exhausting but fun day then I go to work!)
I like the ease, the look and feel, hardly a noticeable taste or smell, but it is refreshing and fueled me for my energizing run!
I like how I didn’t feel too jittery or notice a strong flavor nor did I need coffee and food (which takes more time and prep), I can grab my LYFT stick and go.
I am an energized gal anyway but now with my LYFT stick I am able to get up and go without running around, trying to carry too many bags, spilling coffee, and dropping things.:-)

Disclosure: I received the Lyft sticks through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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