First inspirational week with FitApproach

Fit Approach has a global ongoing (from 5/22-6/21)event happening right now!! It’s super fun and it’s called…(drum roll please)…Say something inspiring! This is my kind of challenge! I have always felt like my gifts lie in motivational encouragement, cheer, and coaching. I don’t have the talent or education to train or cheer lead, but I love being a #1 fan of those that I love and believe in.
Growing up people would say “oh you’re just being nice” or thought I was just giving flattery, but I really do mean what I say. I speak the truth because I am a positive thinker and I know how it feels to be shot down, bullied, or stifled. I want to be that kind of a person who walks into a room and makes it a better place.
So on Thursday and Friday I found two favorite quotes on Pinterest that inspire me. Fit approach gives us a topic each day too. Yesterday I had so much fun sharing some sweet words in honor of my best friends and sisters.
Today I felt inspired when I ran my best time at the beach.
What are your favorite quotes that inspire you? Who are your favorite inspiring people or authors or speakers?
Go out and make it a better place!

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