My version of Dieting Better

I’ve been meaning to post this review!  I know you guys were dying to know my results of the Diet Bet game, the pros and maybe a con, if any, of the dietbetter site and app. SO, here goes! In August I had the privilege of meeting one of my favorite lil’ bloggers, Kristin from […]

The magical fit circle (thanks Merrithew!)

Oh you guys, coming down from the high of vacation and the amazing blogfest, and back to reality, I got to try the Fitness Circle from ! Now, as someone who wanted (read: needed) to get into Pilates but never really made the time or money for it, this is perfect. At the blogfest, […]

gettin’ in on the action

Here are some of my favorite (smartphone; I have an iphone4) apps, what are some of yours? This is my new little favorite discovery! It actually pays you (a little! And every little bit counts!) to go to the gym! If you don’t go, it will deduct an amount ($5, or more whatever you want) […]