Meant to post this!

Oops! I must have been tired last night and forgot to press Publish! I started the day by thinking I had to be up early for a workout but I instead stumbled on a new Pilates class they added at my local Lil 24 HR fitness!!! It was wonderful!!  The teacher went slow which is […]


What’s up guys? I got inspired in gym class today. Everyone is talking about their Fix, their wrap, their shakes, and their protein and I haven’t talked to you enough about my favorite life -goal-game Changer!: Reliv Intl SLIMPLICITY!  In 2007 I was depressed and stressed and overweight. I was sick and tired, eating comfort […]

Women Entrepreneurs

Because of my Sweat Pink sisters I get to tell you all about these motivating friends: These friends of mine inspire me every day!  I can’t choose favorites so I will go alphabetically. Ana Ana came to NYC then LA to study Fashion and Design.  We met swing dancing.  I knew she worked at a […]

All my fave MLM products in one!!!

So you all know I supplement with all natural, non gmo, gf, vitamins, minerals, and the superfood that is reliv with Lunasin…? Ok good. It is safe for animals, babies, pregnant women and the elderly. It has changed my life and it once helped me lose 40lbs. Got it? I take it twice a day […]

Ok I can’t keep my excitement hidden any longer…fitness blog event!

But I’ve been invited to attend this Fitness bloggers’ event ! fitness magazine blog event So if you live in the area and blog about fitness, I want to see you there!:) I love Fitness magazine and reading other fitness blogs so I hope I can meet and network. People used to tell me they […]

Take that, Monday blues!

I went to bed feeling a bit achy, so I thought I just needed rest. But the worst feeling in the world to me is waking up with a headache. Ick! So I figured I couldn’t do much in the gym or a workout at home, but took a walk with my husband and this […]

gettin’ in on the action

Here are some of my favorite (smartphone; I have an iphone4) apps, what are some of yours? This is my new little favorite discovery! It actually pays you (a little! And every little bit counts!) to go to the gym! If you don’t go, it will deduct an amount ($5, or more whatever you want) […]