ACTIVE NATION DAY! Lorna Jane is where it’s at, y’all!

I had heard of Active nation day, but wasn’t sure what it meant. I can’t wait to go to the beach tomorrow to check it out! Since 2012 this is a global movement made for women! It will be the first one in the US! I heard all about Lorna Jane’s MOVE, Nourish, Believe […]

What a week!

Today I woke feeling like a truck rolled over me. My cold has worsened. After being lazy in bed all morning, I had a light, healthy, fruity breakfast and I meditated and took a bath. After brushing my hair and putting on a skirt, we went to go file our taxes and decided to get […]

Converse, butts, and more buts

Monday was Meatless Monday (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!) according to the MNBChallenge.   Tuesday was not only Take Your Lunch to Work Day, but I found out good news.  If you know me, you know I absolutely love my Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes.  I love that they are timeless, cute, and to me, […]

A week’s wrinkle in time

At the physical therapy place I work at, my coworker (a hardworking PT aide) made a big bulletins board of “50 reasons to exercise.” One of the main reasons is stress! I had a stressful week. Actually 2014 has already been stressful. At work we have gotten even busier, while people like my husband are […]