Twitterpated (Topo Magnifly Shoe Discount and Giveaway!)

I’m in love. You know I love my husband and my furbaby but no. I am quite twitterpated with my new shoes! Why? Because, like Disney described it, it feels like “I’m walkin’ on air”! I stepped into one of their display models at the IDEAworld fitness expo and I felt as light as a […]

Quiet (in)the calm

Agitated and emotional, I ran around frantic after church. The service was great, but I internalized and looked inward, a bit too deeply. I have been working side by side a negative person. Sometimes she can be so sweet but I feel like I never can quite measure up to her standards. So I’m constantly […]

I am now licensed to teach Zumba!

WOW. What an amazing day!!! By 12p I had met my step goal of 12,000. From around 9:30-10:30a AND 3:30-4p I sweated and got my cardio dance on. Got to dance to one of the best djs I had ever heard- DJFrancis. Learned how to diagram a song – as in draw it out for […]


Edit: This has been sitting in my draft box; I first had trouble with it because I somehow lost the all the links (I went back in and I guess I hadn’t saved them, but somehow they disappeared), and my friend from thebalancedbrunette and Robyn from WordPress helped me! Now it’s just a belated post!: It’s […]

The Fitness Games (review of one fun little app!)

disclaimer: As part of the FitApproach, LLC Sweat Pink team, I got to test the premium TFG app for a campaign. I wasn’t compensated monetarily and all opinions are my own. As always, before starting any fitness program, please go talk to your doctor! I was first introduced to at IdeaWorld health and Fitness […]

Power protein bars (review of yumminess!)

Disclosure: I received various samples and bars from IdeaWorld fitness expo booths, and I enjoyed tasting each one! I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own. I was honored to meet the creator of YouBar! Anthony was kind and gracious and gave me […]

Being present in the midst of chaos

Mindful? Meaningful? Everyone is looking for meaning aren’t we? We all want to slow down. We all need to breathe. We sometimes need a vacation after a vacation. While I was on vacation, I did not sleep well nor did I get must rest. However, I spent quality family time with in-laws and met some […]

Mid week to end of week in a nutshell!

IdeaWorld Health and fitness expo! Vacation with in laws back east! Two wonderful reasons why I skipped the mid week post. We traveled home from VA Wednesday night and I got up eeeeeearrrrllllyyy Thursday for traveling with the wonderful to a Idea Fit and‘s blogfest! As sweatpink ambassadors we got to learn from […]