How Taking the Leap changed my life

My phone dinged and buzzed while I was at work.  I was shaking as I read my friend THE BALANCED BRUNETTE‘S texts and I checked my email… PrAna and Fit Approach had drawn my name in the Take the Leap Yoga challenge.  What does this mean? It means I did yoga and or meditation for […]

Gasp! Tribesports with SweatPink!!!

Hear ye hear ye! Fitness enthusiasts, bloggers, and runners, gather round! (the awesome fitness apparel) has teamed up with my sisters over at Fit Approach Sweat Pink (check them out over at also) to reveal some awesome smexy beautiful workout gear!!!! Please remember to use my code!!!: SPTS-et3a5cc3 This means 20% off the […]

Being present in the midst of chaos

Mindful? Meaningful? Everyone is looking for meaning aren’t we? We all want to slow down. We all need to breathe. We sometimes need a vacation after a vacation. While I was on vacation, I did not sleep well nor did I get must rest. However, I spent quality family time with in-laws and met some […]

Mid week to end of week in a nutshell!

IdeaWorld Health and fitness expo! Vacation with in laws back east! Two wonderful reasons why I skipped the mid week post. We traveled home from VA Wednesday night and I got up eeeeeearrrrllllyyy Thursday for traveling with the wonderful to a Idea Fit and‘s blogfest! As sweatpink ambassadors we got to learn from […]

Organic Sunshine Burgers review

I did not want to wait this long to post about the goodness that is Sunshine burgers. All natural, clean, pure vegan patties that are non GMO, gluten free, and easy to prepare. They are healthy! They come in several different tasty varieties. Not only are they all of the above, but, my friends, they […]

What a week!

Today I woke feeling like a truck rolled over me. My cold has worsened. After being lazy in bed all morning, I had a light, healthy, fruity breakfast and I meditated and took a bath. After brushing my hair and putting on a skirt, we went to go file our taxes and decided to get […]

Converse, butts, and more buts

Monday was Meatless Monday (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!) according to the MNBChallenge.   Tuesday was not only Take Your Lunch to Work Day, but I found out good news.  If you know me, you know I absolutely love my Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes.  I love that they are timeless, cute, and to me, […]

A week’s wrinkle in time

At the physical therapy place I work at, my coworker (a hardworking PT aide) made a big bulletins board of “50 reasons to exercise.” One of the main reasons is stress! I had a stressful week. Actually 2014 has already been stressful. At work we have gotten even busier, while people like my husband are […]