Meant to post this!

Oops! I must have been tired last night and forgot to press Publish! I started the day by thinking I had to be up early for a workout but I instead stumbled on a new Pilates class they added at my local Lil 24 HR fitness!!! It was wonderful!!  The teacher went slow which is […]

Totally Drenched Fitness

Y’all, I am totally DRENCHED! Let me explain.  One of my favorite blogging friends, Melissa from thevalentinerd, kindly invited me to a Drenched Fitness event.  I had briefly heard someone mention “Drenched,” and have heard of these gyms such as Orange Theory or others that mix cardio and HIIT and strength training all in one […]

A week of good-busy

So Monday-Wednesday was normal busy. I went to what I hoped would be the last trip to the store on Tuesday morning. DEVASTATION: they were out of Brussels sprouts!!! I had this dream of making this Martha Stewart bacon dish with them. So I changed my tune: I switched to 1 pot of steamed root […]

Workout with my sis and then a workout with an Olympian!

Thursday night LAX was an absolute zoo. But I picked up my sister (ready to start her third year at ) and we celebrated her 21st with Rose wine and Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream. (Late night rare treats!) So Friday morning came early and we were so tired but I was so […]

Surprising me with stereotypes and then again not

On Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class followed by body pump. These bodypumpers are SERIOUS! I walked up withe two other girls joining one who was filling her barbell with plates, and I hear, “Excuse me!” So I jumped out of the way saying, “oh sorry you were here first”& she says, “uh […]

A week’s wrinkle in time

At the physical therapy place I work at, my coworker (a hardworking PT aide) made a big bulletins board of “50 reasons to exercise.” One of the main reasons is stress! I had a stressful week. Actually 2014 has already been stressful. At work we have gotten even busier, while people like my husband are […]

Problem solved.

I love you, Fitness magazine! I have been trying to figure out what to do on second-day hair day, because I work out in the am and run to work. You guys are geniuses. You made my year with #fitblogla and you teach me new things and continue to inspire me every month. Ahhhhhh! Yesterday […]