Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder is Delicious!

Once again, Fit Approach helped me team up with Bob’s Red Mill and look what I got in the mail to review!: 

(All opinions are my own).

Oh my word! I never really get that excited about protein powders because sometimes here just way too chalky or bland or too sweet or something but man I loved these!

You know what’s cool? They have FLAX and CHIA inside! So I don’t have to add those to my smoothies or my vitamins.  Best of all, these are not chalky, not bland, and not too sweet!

I was sent a nice box of a big bag of Vanilla, with samples of Chocolate(yum!), Plain, and…my favorite flavor: CHAI!!!  So yummy! Inside was a cute blender bottle and recipe booklet!  

I love that the big scoop gives you a whopping 20 grams of natural pea protein powder, and 12 grams of fiber (chicory root and Psyllium) and even Organic Probiotics so no tummy trouble and so I found it to be quite satisfying!! You know the more I work out the hungrier I get? Well, that is why:). But this really helps me feel full. Here’s me with my BRM smoothie:

All us sweat pink Ambassadors with Fit Approach are over on Instagram this week showing how we fuel with protein, we work out during the summer and sharing our updates:) 

Go here to get a coupon so you can try this stuff! 

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