Sweet run + Sweet Green

My November Project friends introduced me to this new restaurant “Sweetgreen” ! On the first day they opened they were giving us free salads! It was amazing!

On Saturday we met around 11, downloaded the app and were given a free salad code. We ran in the warm February sun down the star Hollywood Boulevard of fame about 2.5 miles and by the time we were back (they gave us 30-60min to finish), our salads were ready! It was so refreshing!

Favorite things about Sweetgreen: 1. The fresh juices and teas.  Cucumber and ginseng, a seasonal one, a chai iced, and a lemonade or a green tea. All healthy, not a ton of processed or sugary ingredients, just pure fresh goodness.

2. All of their ingredients are fresh, organic, and local sourced!   That day they listed everything was from CA except two things: the Pacific steelhead (salmon) and the WA apples, both from Washington state! It was so cool!

3. The speed and friendliness.  I’ve been to other new restaurants where everyone is still learning and kind of slow on the deli line.  The girls at Sweetgreen wear these adorable head bands and are smiling and generous. The guys, while they don’t wear cute head scarves or anything, are just as helpful and kind.  I love the ease of the app too!(for iPhone).


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