Hi my friends, did you miss me?

I have been working on transferring this blog over to, revamping and rebranding myself!  But it is slow going because I’m a NOOB.  In the meantime, let’s check out a healthy breakfast and snack with:


I love yogurt. I love Greek, I like plain, I like on the go tubes, drinking Kefir, and I like fruity, or spicy, or even yogurt dips such as Tzatziki.  When I swore off Dairy once for Lent, I fell in love with Trader Joe’s Goat yogurt.

Yogurt isn’t bad for you – it’s actually good for you because it’s a probiotic.  It’s good protein.

Depends on what you put in it or how they process it, however.  I wouldn’t add sugar because it already has a natural bit of milk sugar.

Enter Siggi’s.  Up in Iceland, they have strained it properly and so it has a low lactose content and I know people who are sensitive to dairy CAN actually enjoy Siggi’s!  My mom used to make yogurt growing up; I have yet to actually get the nerve to try! The siggi’s motto is “Simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar.”  From their website FAQ’s: “Skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures.”

I found out about them (a little late in the game) at IDEA World Blog fest.  I LOVE the coconut and the pomegranate and can’t wait to try the pumpkin this season! My favorite thing to do is add it to smoothies, or on the go from the gym to work, or even as a dessert treat.  You can click on their site for a coupon or for recipes!

It has been so nice of Siggi’s to offer ONE MONTH supply of Siggi’s to one lucky reader!  To enter, post on social media:

(first like and follow ME (@Spillingcoffeen on twitter and @spillingcoffee_n on IG, I’m on FB and pinterest and G+ too!) and

Like and Follow Siggi’s @siggisdairy please!) with the hashtag #dailysiggis

If you don’t have any Siggi’s in your fridge or the local market, tag yourself making or eating a bowl of another yogurt and get creative. You can say “I NEED Siggi’s” Or “I want some SIGGI’s coupons please!” or post a comment here or a twitter status or update saying why you want to try it and what flavor looks the best.  I will look for these tags and pick a random winner, but I also love to see people getting creative in their posts!

siggis_in_the_kitchen_green-5435a52f9d4f9 (source:

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