Freaky Freekeh! Product Review and GIVEAWAY!

Come, come my little friends- I would like to tell you a little story.  I have a love affair with starchy carbs. I love salads and smoothies and healthy things, but have always had a hard time saying no to breads, pastas and chips!  I should read “Grain brain” & “Wheat Belly” but haven’t gone 100% gluten free just watch my intake and try to look for sprouted goodness when possible.  *IF you are celiac or allergic, Freekeh isn’t for you.  If you limit your wheat like I try to do, freekeh is an excellent nutritional ancient grain – “Superfood” is the word for it!!  Just check out Kelli Dunn’s article on GREATIST.

I enjoyed the moist, nutty flavor (remember in “Ratatouille” how he says “Hmmm…I detect…a slight…Nuttiness!”):)  I enjoyed how easy it is to make. I even like the colorful, creative packaging.  Look what it says:

“Freekeh? What is that?
So glad you asked! Freekeh is a process which means “to rub” in Arabic. Freekeh was created by accident nearly 2,000 years ago when a Middle Eastern village was set ablaze. Most folks would sulk over their misfortune, but the crafty villagers rubbed off the chaff, cooked it up and ‘Eureka!’ Freekeh was created.”

Fit Approach, inc. has teamed up with Freekeh Foods. I got to try not only the original but (my favorite herb) Rosemary! Freekeh is the perfect side to fish, chicken, turkey burgers, vegetables and legumes.  I would next like to try mixing it in some veggie burger recipe!!  I love the texture and nutty flavor.  I love the satisfying fullness even at half the serving size!  You can find it online or at Whole Foods and other natural health food stores.  I can’t wait to try the Tamari version!

I’d love to introduce you to it by giving away 1 package! Please comment or email or like my FB page so that I can hook you up!:) In order to win this giveaway, please:

  •  Like my FB page
  • Comment here telling me which flavor would tickle your fancy the most
  • REGram my Insta post about it:)
  • For entry methods, please include: following @freekehfoods on Twitter and Instagram, liking them on Facebook, and tweeting about the giveaway using the hashtag #getyourfreekehon

Disclosure:  I was sent two samples to try and then share the review with you.  Of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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