Quiet (in)the calm

Agitated and emotional, I ran around frantic after church. The service was great, but I internalized and looked inward, a bit too deeply.

I have been working side by side a negative person. Sometimes she can be so sweet but I feel like I never can quite measure up to her standards. So I’m constantly apologizing and feeling stressed like I’m doing a horrible job and can’t keep her happy.

I thought I felt better after yoga and talking to my sister.  Yoga calmed my rushed hurried harried mind. I slowed my breath and stretched to feel less internal judgment and more flexible and open.

Church helped me but I also felt too weary. I read an article on Burn Out in Redbook and I have a strategy now.  I am going to try to make that coworker smile or laugh just once in the morning to try and combat our personality clash.  I know I can’t please her all the time but I can be open to her helpful constructive criticism and maybe try and laugh it off instead of take it so personally like an attack. I know I’m not perfect but she isn’t my boss. She is hardworking so let’s focus on that instead of complaints or gossip or when she criticizes my lunch my hair my clothes or the way I raise my puppy. If she does correct me or give unsolicited advice get up stretch breathe and drink tea or water! Go outside. I get too stressed worried about what she thinks of me.

I learned a lot in the Blogfest. Last year I sat and compared myself and whined, “I wish I was creative or could make time to focus on good pictures or vlogs or good recipes like her!” But I didn’t do that this year.

I was so excitedly and inspired to meet certain people. Sometimes I felt rushed or overwhelmed in the expo, but then I’d meet or get inspired seeing someone workout or a new tool or piece of equipment that I’d forget everything else and just sit back and relax while I watched and learned.  I feel very frustrated when everyone lately has been giving me advice and I haven’t given them any!  I thought it was growing up in the church, but no it’s people everywhere, all the time, how to live.  I don’t tell you how to live, so please don’t try and run my life:)

I am gifted. I make patients at work feel right at home and I always smile or make sure they have what they need. I have to treat everyone (including myself and negative people)with that same kindness.

From my notes:

7/16 Katy Widrick (cutest runner mommy blogger/pregnant presenter ever!): Makemediaover.com


ASK: Why am I special?

Yoast.  Mobile responsive design

Digests vs. daily

Analytics are important. Blog less, share more.

Become an aggregator.  Less life casting, and more Evergreen.

More of what you love, less of what you hate.

Ask and receive: Ask readers for their input and their thoughts.


ALYSE & JAMIE (Most adorable gals of FitApproach): helpful apps: Zapier latergramme D= Download (Dwnld)

Haros, list.ly

PR Newswire

Stack Media

She knows=blogher

Chris Mohr (RD): Eat more protein the AM (and spread it around throughout your day, don’t leave it until a big heavy dinner).

7/17: TRAIN WITH BAIN (Elizabeth the lawyer and my running bud/friend!)

Registering a trademark is usually very expensive.

Copyrights are good for 100 years.

Your own rights to publicize or display.  Since 1710.

Fanfic and slash? Counterpoint?

DMCA Twitter Example: Suicide girls/Richard Prince/instagram Chillingeffects.org

[edit: “Big Eyes” movie]

Take Away: Mail in a 3×5 card.

Here I wrote in big letters: GABBY REECE!!!  (I’m a big fan since childhood. Her workout was super tough and it was awesome!)

Any fitness is good – whatever works for you.  Her gym closed so she rented a community center room, charged people like $1-5. The 20 yo’s said “Oh that’s what sixties looks like!”

Once you’re training: Training is still movement.

Guy tells her “Oh you’re just doing the mom thing?”

She’s heard all the excuses

Interview with Jill Brown (from HUFF PO): Don’t complain.  Use what you have to the Best of your ability.

Cecille Renod (her coach): Personal Accountability

Kern Walsh

Tough (not so personal/sensitive)

When injured stay off inflammatory foods!

Learning to breathe

“Natural Born Heroes” book. Functional training

Cell phone neck!

Acceptance is a big part of life. Don’t overcriticize yourself.

If she wasn’t a model or pro athlete: A writer! Or do some kind of manual labor.

Nun – learning cursive helps ADD kids to concentrate.

How do you encourage movement in your kids? (JUST PLAY!) Nutrition: It’s a battle.  Eat this, not always that

Teach by example

Kids don’t listen they watch.

Eat your sugar (FRUIT) not drink it (soda etc).

Is it fun? Don’t force sports.  Perspective is so important.

Jessica Matthews: How blogging has changed

Look up blogger on Urban dictionary!( HAHA)

Micro blog

blog focused

List focused (gathering names)
Subscription fee?
Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sacks

1.Tell the truth

2.Be interesting

3.Live the truth

Propel/Gunnar Peterson: BEFORE a workout: banana or something light During: Gatorade (if you earn it – after a 45min. strenuous workout, not everyday all day just a 30min walk!) AFTER: Most important: mix of protein and carbs

If it gets you from doing nothing to moving don’t knock It! [That’s what Reliv is for me!]


THICK high quality content

Button or Advanced SEO positions


No index for better crawl budget (a lot of pics)

Affiliate links > Nofollow so you don’t get penalized.

Define personas

Audience profiles



MOFU: Middle funnel

BOFU: Bottom funnel

Social Locker


Google’s keyword planner tool

G’s suggest

G’s Auto fill

G’s Trends

Image alt tags

Meta title



Meta description<so important


ONE heading (H1) maybe a few tags

Header 2, copy. Not too many cluttered borders or headers

Never ever keyword stuffing or buy links!

Content Audit

Which low performing posts can be nonindexed?

Hire a SEO Company like PPC Yoast Moz (whiteboard Fridays Moz recommended)

Infuse Inbound Marketing

Laura, Katy, and Kathleen: MSW


Sugar Addict

Coach tab (services)

Build a newsletter list

Share testimonials/Client Experiences


Consistency: Helpful content, ways to utilize

Opt in with auto responder

Business plan

1:1 coaching

group coaching

Amanda Vogel (I’m a big fan): Strategize your tweet

Post organically not from IG app etc. [I do this all the time]


@mentions vs @replies

Lists: curated group

Create member or subscribe

Social listening

Twitter advanced search

search recommend fitness blog?

-http (minus links)


#strategy (hashtags)

1.research 2. collate 3.customize

#fittech tagboard.com

#yourownblog [#spillingcoffeen]

1. strategize tweet format

2.create lists & saved search streams

3.hashtag strategy

Thanks I know this was long. It helped me think and process – and I found I learned a lot of helpful things!! Please don’t hesitate to comment, email, or let me know your thoughts – I won’t take it personally!!!:)

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