Ode to Adams Hill

Dear Hill,

It’s not you, it’s me. It isn’t that I don’t love you! Your beautiful views inspire me!

Your steep hills slow me down. The Charlie horse I got two nights ago? Returned from your great heights.

I love running. I thought I loved running til I found you. I love going far and slow (I am not a sprinter)! But your hills slow me down even more.  

I enjoy the mix of “terrain”: I go from concrete to asphalt to grass to dusty dirt to stretching on the curbs to wood chips and get to enjoy  nice gardens.

I love how each house has character, and I get to see some classic cars or unique yard decor.

I appreciate the fact that you are so close, and still offer me a challenge even after a couple years living near you. I love trying to reach your high points at any or all times of the day, to see the LA skyline or see Forest Lawn’s rolling views. 

But my legs hate you. I gotta be honest – it’s hard lovin’ you.  My legs feel like dead weight every time I reach that certain hilly curve.  My head bobbles as I hit the down hills and pick up speed, which reminds me to tighten my core.

Thanks for always inspiring me to keep going!,

A jogger who is learning to run uphill.


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