Wow what a fun Friday!!! Yay!

 A small recap of everything I did today!
Puppy woke me early so I figured I’d rather be downtown than at home, so I went to take the early train…Which was delayed 20-25 min:(

I finally got there (even got coffee!) for the 7a workout with Kaia Fit Kore Konditioning; whew! What a workout! It’s a franchise that even I could open one in LA!:). Bodyweight mixed with conditioning mixed with dance!

You guys the Blogfest has been so helpful! I am growing and becoming more confident:)

Then we got to hear: drumroll please

Gabriella Reece, so inspiring!

And I got to work out with her!

Another workout you say? Indeed. And this is a HighX HIIT CLass! It was super hardcore!  Body and weights and speed all mixed!!!!

The afternoon sessions were fun and helpful too!!

Then I enjoyed the expo and then our networking mixer-Yay! More to come!

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