It is over(for me). 

I am exhausted but the best kind of exhaustion- 

Overwhelmed with my mind being blown by creative geniuses that make up Fit Approach, IdeaWorld, Blogfest, and the Idea fitness expo.

I am inspired and humbled, in awe and encouraged and more confident to:

Keep writing. Keep working out. Keep learning. Keep being inspired and inspiring others. Keep listening to fitness instructors, athletes, physical therapists, personal trainers, bloggers, doctors, chiros, naturopaths, and most of all my sweat pink sisters!

Keep taking a breath. Keep stretching. Spend time unplugged and with family and friends.

Keep taking care of yourself and your soul and meditating. Slow down. Keep drinking water. Keep on dancing.  Keep singing. Keep playing and teaching piano. Keep playing with kids and “shine your light into the world.”

Spend time doing what you love and sending gifts or cards to people.

Look at all the stuff I got!(buying at special rates and being blessed by coupons, food and freebies)!

Look at all the business cards and new ideas to review or support or to follow!

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “It is over(for me). 

  1. ha I’m exhausted just reading all the things I should be doing! It was great seeing you at BlogFest. This site is SUPER CUTE! ttys, Diane 🙂 #twoleftfeet

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