What a Day!

The above phrase can have a negative connotation(what an exhausting or stressful day) and a positive one: What an amazing and inspiring day!(which is what I had)! This morning I woke super early to carpool with The Valentine RD (who gave me a REALLY sweet KIND bar gift with KIND granola and a lovely scarf and a water bottle!) and grab a coffee/tea and meet up with our #betrublogfest #runningbuddy blog friends before the first opening session.  It was so cool running downtown; I actually went a little faster than I thought I would. Truitt Foods sponsored and fed us, and then we quickly had a freshen up before we ran to BLOGFEST. I got to hang with new friends and my blogfest buddy Lea!!! We learned a lot and took notes(more on that later).  We networked and had breakfast snacks from Truitt and Yoplait, then off to the Opening ceremonies we went. I got a little nervous thinking “Oh this is a boring awards show. I don’t really know these personal trainers…” No.  12,000 people were there! Two of the three winners were women!! One guy Anthony Robles with only one leg (a national wrestling champ)came up to receive the most inspirational award,  and he made us weep. Then my favorite gal Jenna Wolfe came up and made us laugh and cry. Then the keynote speaker Brendon Burchard (of Live Love and matter) came up! Wow what an inspiration!!! He talked about the characteristics of High Performers. Next was a great lunch from Nestle- #Balanceyourplate is what their new slogan is. It was delicious and healthy! The cool thing was I was getting all sweaty in the Flexline booth (see my earlier post) and then JENNA WOLFE came to watch so of course I had to get a selfie! Then I ran to hear my friend the RD talk about Nutrition.  Next we had all sorts of stuff to learn about Instagram (Karley Kasey?)and Pinterest from the one and only Natalie Jill! We also got to workout with Merrithew with their sandbag handweights and got a 4minute workout as part of the lightning round with Fitfulfocus. I am sad I missed the Ideaworld urban party, but my husband and I went to a time management seminar and the guy said similar things to Chalene Johnson, quoted Dr Dan Amen, AND similar to what Brendon said this morning!! Last year I was a little overwhelmed and nervous thinking I could never be a fit blogger and now I am tired and joyfully confident! 🙂 good night

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