I am now licensed to teach Zumba!

WOW. What an amazing day!!!


By 12p I had met my step goal of 12,000.

From around 9:30-10:30a AND 3:30-4p I sweated and got my cardio dance on.

Got to dance to one of the best djs I had ever heard- DJFrancis.

Learned how to diagram a song – as in draw it out for choreography- which is called Zumbagram.


Met Petra the VP of ZUMBA and Marcie the incredible teacher (wife to the DJ) and this amazing team of Zumba jammers(choreographers) and teachers.

Met several new blogging buddies (the editor from spright, and even Dr Fitness from IHeart radio and FitnessPursuits.




I am super tired. I am even sore.

I had lunch from SmashBurger with two of my favorite bloggers, Runninrocker and one who Propel had sent to the blogfest, Ms NherShoes!

I walked past all the media and fans and people and security that were downtown for the ESPYs.

I learned so much today.

I really wanted to go all in and join the ranks of the Zumba Instructor Network, BUT I’m still unsure and not confident in my coordination and choreography abilities.  I thought it would be great to take a training class so I could test it out and examine myself.  It was really fun and I’m so glad I went. But in the end, I’ll still work up to Body pump and Spin teaching first.

I’m so grateful to Ideaworld Ideafit expo and fit approach Blogfest for allowing me to take this course!

Thanks! Now that my nails are pink and I organized my go bag, and I’m carpooling with one of my faves, the Valentine RD, it is ON! BLOGFEST, I’m comin for ya!


4 thoughts on “I am now licensed to teach Zumba!

  1. Congratulations. I have been teaching Zumba now for almost two years. It is fun and yes it took me awhile to build up confidence to teach my own class. I was lucky because I was able to ease into it. I c0-taught with another fantastic instructor. Plus I had other friends who also taught and they would let me do a song in their classes once in awhile. I still get nervous before a class but once I start its not about me anymore its about the students. Body pump is great too! Good luck on your fitness journey.

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