I’ve been meaning to write this post!!!  OK so:

FITAPPROACH is teaming with LORNA JANE to promote Lorna’s new book coming out, INSPIRED.  I want to WIN a copy! You can also pre-order your copy here: http://www.lornajane.com/INSPIRED/Inspired.

I believe that the key to a happy life is __WHOLE MIND BODY SOUL HEALTH. _____WHOLENESS inspires me to be the __JOYFUL_[adj] person that I am today. I am lucky to have __DAVID (my husband)[person] and __my 4 sisters_ [person] in my life because they inspire me to live life to my fullest and to chase my dreams.

My dream is to one day ___sing with a live Big Band___ [verb] and even if it takes ___time, effort and hard work__ [noun], I know I’ll get there because I’m not afraid to dream big!  My healthy active living helps me achieve these goals: I work out every day and running and singing go hand in hand to support breath control!  I am learning to eat healthy which means my voice sounds better and I run faster and workout longer.  I meditate on Scripture and play piano to help calm me.  I use essential oils to help relax and soothe me.  I try to get 6-8 hours a night (although that is hard with a puppy!)  My husband works hard and cycles far and fast!  He helps me with the puppy, is active in our church, and helps me around the house too.  All four sisters of mine are living their dreams.  One is the mother of four and she works out of her home in the UK with her Reliv supplement business.  My sister here in L.A. is a scuba diving instructor.  She volunteers to help conserve water and help our environment.  My sister in Boston is doing well at an ad agency. She ran the Boston Marathon this past year!  My baby sister is in pre-med studying away here in L.A.  I am grateful for these inspirational people in my life!

While I dream big, I hope to inspire others by __living a balanced and healthy WHOLE life_. I

Join me, starting THIS WEEK for a fun 5 day #LJInspired Instagram Challenge hosted  by @FitApproach & @LornaJaneActive.

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