IDEAWORLD idea fit blogfest with Fitapproach is One week away!

IDEAWORLD Blogfest is one week away!!!

I can’t wait!

I requested off work, I made a list of what to bring, and I’m arranging carpooling and transport (I’m only 20min away but with LA traffic I’m more like 45!)…

I CAN’T even!!!  I get to see my fave bloggers live and in person, some awesome workout fiends and fitness trainers, and try out new equipment like the Flex line!  

On Wednesday it starts for me by taking an all day Zumba instructor course!(I love to swing dance but I am still learning to get the hang of Zumba)!

Thursday and Friday are the best part because it’s Blogfest with FitApproach time! This is going to be so fun and highly inspirational and informational.

Saturday I will hang at the Expo and learn some more exciting stuff at the workshops. It continues Sunday morning as well (but I will tell you why I’m -gulp- skipping that part: I get to go to my fave spa to celebrate my friend’s bachelorette/bridal shower- more to come!)

Yay! If you’re a fit blogger, I can’t wait to see you! If you’re a foodie or fit pro or inventor I can’t wait to try your product!

Thank you FitApproach and IDEAWORLD! Here I am last year with two of my faves:


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