I have always struggled with too much or not enough conditioners or oils on my hair! I have long fine thick hair. I say it’s fine because it won’t hold anything(even pony tails and bobby pins won’t stay long, and I have to use too much product when I want a curl then it won’t last long!:()  I have tried so many over the counter and professional and so many that were recommended and beauty blogger favorites, but this by far surpasses them all!

So when I heard about Ubuntu African oil I thought “I need help so why not give this a try?!” And I have fallen in love.

The shampoo makes my hair squeaky clean with a healthy shine.  I don’t have product buildup or flakes from this!

The conditioner is not too heavy, it makes my hair feel light and soft and not too weighed down.

I especially love their spray oil line of leave in products.

These two I use almost every day: the heat protectant and the leave in.  This way my hair is protected from damaging blow drys or curlers or other irons.

These two I use once a week for extra moisture: the Hair Butter and the Repair Oil.

Last but not least they do have a spray for color treated hair which I haven’t tried yet.

Thank you for allowing me to use this awesome new line!

Disclaimer: I was selected to test and review these products for no monetary compensation, and all opinions are my own.

Photo courtesy of mynewsdesk as I sadly lost all the photos I took while I was using the products!:(

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