Girl power!

Today I was the only girl in Bodypump class! I have gradually learned to love weight lifting! It makes me feel so strong:) 

My friend took me to lunch the other day and told me we are praying for her granddaughter to have courage.  The poor little girl flips out over a spider or something, which is something I used to do all the time. I still get nervous on bridges or when I’m up high and look down, but I no longer have anxiety panic attacks anymore.

 People have told me I was raised too conservative and that I had grandmas that were overly conservative.(“Elisabeth Elliot?!” They say. “Oh she is that one who talks about submission…”)

Not 100%true. I have huge hearted parents who gracefully taught me grace, and to be gracious.

And furthermore this is what my grandmothers (tried to teach)taught me:

To be fully present.

To be strong.

To be brave.

To be bold.

To be fearless.

To walk with purpose and travel with courage.

To recycle and be a good steward!

To use my gifts (love of music namely).

How to properly do housework.

To be joyful and content.

How to be a caregiver.

Keep your mind sharp and your hands busy.

Exercise. Walk if you can’t run, swim etc.

How to be a scholar and read and learn.

Personal grooming, taking care of your body.

Pick and cut fresh flowers.

To always write thank you notes(the thing I miss the most is their letters, scribbled post cards, poems).

To bring a hostess gift and/or how to host and entertain and lead and serve.

To serve God with reckless abandon.

To be confident in Christ.

To be feminine and lady-like.

To visit lots of churches(not just one!) and see where God works.

To study the Bible (not just what Dad the preacher or Granny the author says).

To hug and shake hands politely.

A treat is once in a while (a cookie with tea, a mint or a small chocolate), it wouldn’t be a treat if it were every day!

Cooking: soups, healthy recipes and skillet cornbread or fresh steamed mussels…

Always make connections with people wherever you are, network and introduce and discover.

To laugh.

To pray(both ladies were prayer warriors).

To love. And to live and love well.

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