Grief observed…

Since March, I have lost my two beloved grandmothers.  Yes I am happy they are at peace, but I miss them and I have been really sad.  My runs and workouts and blogging have been sporadic and I miss yoga:(. My schedule keeps changing and I haven’t been sleeping well. Then yesterday and today I was in such a better mood until I heard and saw the sad tragic story unfold in Charleston:( my heartfelt prayers are with the families.

My grandmother 

She was 91, a mother of 5, former missionary and funny and feisty and sweet!

Now, my granny some of you may have heard of her

Elisabeth Elliot has authored 30books, was on the radio for 13 years and traveled the globe. She was mom to my mom and a missionary to Ecuador. 

Now her namesake lives in England. If you don’t mind please like or share or comment or tweet this post to get the word out that we are raising funds to get my sister and all of us there in July for the Memorial service.  Thanks and God bless!


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