Dr. Levi Harrison: The Art of Fitness DVD

I had been trying to research and read up on Dr Levi Harrison’s THE ART OF FITNESS.  It’s a beautiful book and fitness DVD combo, by the doctor and personal trainer himself.
I met him briefly through my husband’s work party and I saw that the fabulous PRK met him at the Fitness Expo!

What I love about Dr Levi is his enthusiasm! The DVD had a taste of this represented, and he had about 6 people working out with him at the high intensity, medium intensity and low impact levels. I liked that he believes in going at your own pace and that he took time to correct form and technique. One chapter actually breaks down some core moves and strength training such as plank and push-ups.

I love that he believes in the importance of health, wellness, and wholeness for your mind, body, and spirit.  He wants you to find what you can do so that you can learn to love to move!

The aerobic part, with a warm up and cool down, was fairly basic and fun.  The music was a fun mashup with mostly techno dance club beats, but I even heard some electro swing which I loved!
It seemed like we were dancing or using strength AND cardio, which is one of my favorite mixup ideas! I get bored just walking or doing 100s!
Then we ended with abs, so we did sit ups and different bicycle type core moves with our legs at different levels.
I was impressed with his knowledge and how he took the time to find the right form. I appreciate that on a video you can pause it or whenever in this case the teacher will totally slow it down and break down the move step by step.  I’m clueless and feel uncoordinated sometimes such as in a fast paced Turbo Kick or turbo jam or zumba classes!
When it’s raining or I don’t have time to go the gym, this video is a great complement to your workout routine!

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