Back Pain While Running

Having a puppy is similar to having a baby.  Loss of sleep, cleaning up vomit or poop, playing and walking till you’re exhausted, is super fun and worth it! My schedule changed too. If I’m not at the gym super early, I am running even earlier with my friends in November project. I love running but am slower than most of my speedy sprinter friends, so I don’t beat any super fast times and I haven’t done a marathon, but I still love it.  

 This has been a month of miles for me!  I now have two 10ks (just this month. I ran one unorganized/nonprofit one with friends in Congo!) under my belt and that is something I’m proud of.  The funny thing is the first one I did I was hotter(later in the morning), faster, and felt no pain.  I connected with one of my new NP friends who ran my pace. 

 Then yesterday at Dockweiler came.  I was cold, it was beautiful.  I was very tired, but it was super fun.  It was not crowded, and it was flat.  I’m already a slow runner, but I was determined to finish.  About half way in my back started hurting.  I kept readjusting my posture thinking that would help. I loved running in middle school but I’m no spring chicken anymore!   I think my back started crying, “you are tired! Rest!

Around milemarker 5.5 I see other people go by me again so I thought, “wait! I signed up for a 10k! Why am I seem them come back around?” I realized that must be the 15k’ers.  Then I saw my friend G, and she yelled at me, “I’m going to help you finish! Just think of X. Just imagine O (our NP running coach) yelling at you to finish!” And she psyched me up and continued pressing me on, until the very end where I saw our friend L.  Man it was a good feeling!  Being done but also having a friend help me finish! 

 Then we went to a delicious place for breakfast and then I went to stretch on the beach.  Best way to start your day!


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