National run with your dog day!

Hey friends, and furry friends all around!  Since I’m a mommy to a fur baby…

Tuesday was National Run With Your Dog day! I know there’s so many national days now that it’s hard to keep track, but this one is worth it. Why am I telling you this late?! My friend(and blogfest buddy) Lea from runningwithollie is doing a virtual 5k giveaway till May 12th, which means you still have a chance to win!

I got excited and signed up to do it(but forgot to print my bib *sniff*) and then I got busy and almost forgot about it! Monday night I saw my friends from November Project jumping online and saying how they were gonna go run in the am(I thought they were bringing their dogs too but I think they were pulling my leg;))!

I ended up walking or wogging (jog walking) it because poor little baby Lefty is still so young, timid, short, distracted and new to the leash! So I went a little over 4miles to make up for it.

The best part was everyone ran ahead except one friend who had a hamstring strain and she walked with us which helped motivate me.  You can check out her blog at yllanol

I had so much fun introducing Lefty to my friends, to new dogs, to the dog park area(we didn’t stay long) and then we all went for coffee/breakfast!

It was fun and a delightful day! Thanks Lea!


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