Weird mindset

I was in this weird mindset yesterday. For the past month I was looking forward to running this organized fun run with a few of my friends and it was free!  I had started training a little but got busy, got a new puppy, and am learning all about being a new mommy.  Then I realized I not only signed up during a busy work weekend and had to cancel piano, my cousin is in town visiting, all the way from Paris. Not Paris TX but Paris France.  Then I got invited to my friend’s Baby shower. She is visiting all the way from Texas. I am sad to have to miss that. Seriously. I had major FOMO.  I sent her a gift but it’s not the same! :(. I also had to miss out on a cinco de Mayo arribe hustle fun run that my friends had organized and I was at home relaxing.  My puppy started school. And I have to get my sister to and from school for her internship.  Oh and it’s the beginning of the month so I was at work and work had a big health fair event. So we got to the end of April and I started thinking I would never be able to run much less a half marathon. I was dreading the busy weekend and I thought I wouldn’t make the run and I was sad. I didn’t want a DNS (where you sign up or get injured or sick but never make the start); so just on a whim I went early to pick up my shirt and bib. Yesterday I started thinking: but it’s free! I signed up! some of my friends from November project are going to be there! why don’t I just go for it!? I really wanted to do this run and I was thinking I was having to sacrifice or make sacrifices because of the busy weekend that we had, maybe just not going to do it not gonna make it so I would be too tired or something and so it was hard! I had serious FOMO.

Yesterday I walked two miles through the park to get my shirt and didn’t make it to the gym.  I went to work and walked through the fair a bit.  

I drove awhile to pick up my sister and got gas.  Then we HAD to go to Starbucks for frappe hour!


Then we went to puppy school and he did pretty well.  I cooked a healthy Adobo (Filipino) meal in honor of Manny the Pacman underdog.  I don’t know anything about the bloody sport, but I usually vote for the underdog:)  Got sister to her volunteer internship.

 Last night I laid everything out.  I was getting into running mode.  This morning I woke early to get sister to her other shift.  I actually made it 5min before the 9a start and caught up with my friends!

The 10k run was actually really fun and we walked a couple times just to catch our breath. We didn’t mind about our pace to stop and take a quick pic in front of the LACMA lights.  I thought we did really well in just about an hour, and then I peeled off a little before the finish to get home for a shower.

We even made it to church and got to see our cousins!  They had a feast prepared, complete with fresh crepes and a cheese platter at the end!  My darling lil French cousin is sooo cute and sweet!!  


Then ended our sister day with you guessed it more sugar  


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