Super fun, full day!

Saturday was really packed for me.  I had a long day of traffic and went to my friends bridal shower and a family dinner.  But I tried to make everything work.  I was super excited that JJDancer was at SIX:02 Santa Monica.  My friend who works at Six02 told me about their SIX 02 MOMENT and how they are pulling together teams, events, and awesome workout gear to help each woman with our 6:02 Moment:) What it means is we all wake up or work out or exercise or go for a run at 6:02(AM some of us or PM some of us) and we have that moment that hits us!

You walk in their store and its a glorious heaven of beautiful, colorful LYCRA spandex, running shorts, every kind of supportive jogging bra, and shoes you could try on for hours.

So Quest bar and Marquis energy drinks were there, and an awesome Dj, but right off the bat we got to work.  JJDance and her team led an amazing dance workout.  For about 45 minutes we danced and shook and twirked and moved hard, sweating a ton, then we ended with planks and abs then a cool down stretch.

The thing I love about this place is the groovy vibes and all the helpful hints and gear you would ever need is ALL right there with you.

Maybe it was Marquis and Quest being there and JJDancer shakin it, and my friend helping all of us in the store, but no, my first Six 02 moment was fantabulous!


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