Introducing the world’s first alkaline sports drink: PHENOH 7.4

Growing up, my nutrition concious Mama used her aloe Vera plant on everything.

I never knew you could drink the stuff and get health benefits!  I heard Mexicans make cactus juice, but I didn’t know why. I tasted the sugary syrupy sweet aloe juice in the stores, and did not like them!  I read somewhere that aloe is good for you internally. 

I saw alkaline machines that were super expensive and sounded amazing.  I have tried numerous energy and sports drinks and always felt they were to acidic for me (either made me too jittery, gave me a sugar crash, or gave me an upset stomach).

So anyway about this amazing drink I got to test and review.  I wasn’t compensated and all opinions are my own.  Before adding supplements and vitamins and drugs or any other stimulant or anything new, check with your doctor.


This all star lacrosse athlete came up with Phenoh 7.4.  Using only 7 natural organic ingredients, it is ph balanced, a light aloe flavor that is refreshing, and it is way better for you than acidic coffee or sugary sports drinks!

I have tried one before, during, and one after different workouts.  I tested one on a hot afternoon.

This drink was a light, refreshing pick me up!  It felt like it gave me the rehydration for my cells and picked me up after a burpee or a sweaty run. I now love this drink so much that if I see any other Gatorade and branded drinks I will NOT buy them, I will only choose this or coconut water or water!  Seriously, go out and get your ph balanced and get a bottle or a case!! 


6 thoughts on “Introducing the world’s first alkaline sports drink: PHENOH 7.4

  1. I grew up in a house with an aloe plant, too 🙂 My mom always used it for burns – it’s such a little miracle plant for all kinds of good stuff!

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