Let’s Be Vibrant!

I was chosen to test and review the 10 day Be Vibrant Cleanse and e-book program.  I received the ebook, two sample Shakeology shakes, and was invited as part of the private Facebook group and no monetary compensation, so all opinions are my own.

There is a delightful, wonderful little e-book with complete and full support program called BE VIBRANT!  I enjoyed the colorful pages with awesome recipes and shopping lists and fun quotes and facts.  I absolutely loved the breakfasts and lunches, and appreciated the helpful tips in this cute little e-book.

My first time trying shakeology went well.  I had done a pretty hard workout and needed protein but didn’t have time to cook breakfast so the chocolate shake helped!

The first ten days of the cleanse I happened to start on Ash Wednesday so it helped my Lenten journey too! I actually tried doing it a second round but didn’t stick as closely(I did have occasional gluten or something processed).  I felt like I got acne pretty bad which meant I was truly detoxing!  I feel like I trimmed down and felt lighter!

I loved waking up and having spa water (I added lemon, mint, cucumber and ginger) all day, and having an ACV cocktail later too. I did get one headache the second day but once I got my green tea regimen down I was fine!

I loved the quinoa bowl, the smoothies and the veggie lunches! 

I really appreciated being surrounded by the motivating Facebook group, and Mary Jane being so available to help me.

I think this was the healthiest-but-still-satisfied cleanse I’ve ever done! In the past I feel lightheaded or sickly with some cleanses.  This was awesome!!!

Thanks for allowing me to be a tester!

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