LABeachFit review

Sitting on the couch, sick with a cold at home, I saw a sponsored Facebook ad for this 90% off coupon. I usually don’t like a lot of favebook ads or sponsored posts because they come up with the most random stuff, right? It’s like they knew when I was engaged, they posted wedding planning stuff and now that I’m fitness blogging and trying to conceive, they try to post mom ads and “work from home sites”.  I happen to love my job!  

So anyways back to the sick at home on the couch moment. I contacted them and the founder, a nice gentleman named Adam called me right back.  I was amazed at how quick he responded! 

Basically the best bang for your buck is  not only try their workouts free for the first week, but you also get a free personal health consultation!  You get to learn about tips, tricks, recipes and helpful motivating workouts while you work on your goals.

So I signed up! Thankfully I was over the cold! I had a little trouble finding the bootcamp but maybe because I wasn’t that familiar with the area nor the parking(not their fault).  I found them, a small group working their tails off and sweating to some good tunes with a great coach!  Damian had an awesome workout planned out and told us exactly what and how and even why to do certain moves.  He had theraband and a couple dumbbells; all you gotta do is show up (bring a mat or towel and water!)!

Then I got to meet with Adam.  He took the time explaining their plan and their packages and was very kind and seemed sincere, so I felt comfortable and at ease.  I really like the looks of the sample plans I saw.  Healthy recipes and awesome workouts!

The second time I worked out was even more hardcore!  We ran up hill a little ways and did a little different workout(bear crawls, ply plunges, rows, kettlebells)…it was amazing!

Next time you need to mix up your workout routine and you’re ready to meet your goals, check out LA Beach Fit!

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