Totally Drenched Fitness

Y’all, I am totally DRENCHED!

Let me explain.  One of my favorite blogging friends, Melissa from thevalentinerd, kindly invited me to a Drenched Fitness event.  I had briefly heard someone mention “Drenched,” and have heard of these gyms such as Orange Theory or others that mix cardio and HIIT and strength training all in one action-packed workout, but did not know much about it.

From my own experience, all of these combined really give great results, and I have learned to love Tabata and other HIIT classes such as Nike Training at 24, or other bootcamps and plyometrics.  I have felt lighter yet stronger (more toned and sculpted) with these types of workouts than any other!  Women’s Health Magazine has an article on how Britney Spears feels more toned and fit doing DRENCHED than anything else, too!  So at this event, I got to take home their issue! Check this out:


What Drenched does, is, is pure genius.  They even have a kids club and even better, offer healthy salads and soups that fill your macro needs!  Drenched uses treadmills and free weights, balls, therabands, and more.  We warmed up on the treadmill, and the teacher calls out intervals, like sprint at this incline, or jog or walk at such and such incline.  Then we switched it up: A few of us would do bicep curls or abs with the ball, while a few of us did the Flexline which I’m about to explain:

NOW, drumroll, please:IMG_0567

I was one of the honored guests to try their brand new hydraulic system called “FLEXLINE” !  The creator of FlexLine had just installed it that day so that we could all try it out.  It is so unique!  It’s like a computerized cable system but with hydraulics, so you can plus or minus how heavy you want to lift!  It is SUPER AWESOME and you should GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW (if you live near Drenched!)!!!  I had a little trouble at first because I don’t think I had the right stance or form or technique down right away!  But the two teachers (one was the Owner) showed me and it was REALLY COOL!

The DJ Cleveland Terry was there playing awesome tunes, the nearby smoothie place Nutrition Fix was there (check them out on Facebook and yelp), and everyone was so excited, friendly, and helpful.  QUEST protein bars let me sample and try out so many flavors and even a protein chip pack! (Have you tried their Protein Chips?!)  I got to sample this AMAZING vegan gluten free cookie from Karma Bakery too

All in all, we had a lot of fun and I got totally drenched!!

IMG_0570 me with the owner! IMG_0571 IMG_0576Me with the Valentine RD! 

IMG_0569 Preworkout  IMG_0568

One thought on “Totally Drenched Fitness

  1. You are too sweet!!

    I’m glad you had a great time at Drenched. It was so good to see you there!

    Next time I hope to be able to workout with you and experience Flexline for myself!!

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