WCW post

Confession time: I realized I do have girl crushes!
Fitapproach and Sweat Pink and SweatGuru have been challenging me everyday with an exercise or healthy snack and also some inspiring ideas to help me blog and post new things! One being the people in my life that motivate me!
Today I want to tell you a little about L and M.E. I don’t want to hurt their privacy so I won’t go into great detail but they are battling the most awful:
ALS(Aka Lou Gehrigs).
L was my boss for about 4 years. She has been working in Physical Therapy for about 35 years. Educating and motivating people who are injured or have fallen, directing us at the hospital and starting “Team Verdugo”(just R our small group of coworkers who wanted to stay fit!)- through all of this she became like a mentor to me.
All of a sudden a little over a year ago she shared an intimate and devastating piece of news: her partner of over 25 years had been diagnosed with this horrible disease.
The last two years we walked the ALS walk with them and I wanted to say what their smiles do for me. Remember the ice bucket challenge? My husband did it to honor M.E.
M.E worked in the health insurance field so she became a friend to me too! L’s daughter is a friend to me too. Their grandsons are adorable!
My heart breaks every time my granny with dementia has another stroke or another fall. I even have a group of Catholic sisters in MA. praying for these two! I cannot imagine if something devastating liked this happened to anyone close to me. L takes care of M.E and has been constantly by her side and we really miss her at our workplace.
They aren’t my SweatPink blog sisters but these two are great heroes in my book! So now I challenge you to go meditate, go out and walk a block or run a mile. #noexcuses!



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