Embrace the Shake

Our pastor shared this today and it is so profound:  http://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake?language=en

Amazing artist, learning to live with limitations and using creativity, showed me how to let go.
The pastor said, “Freedom isn’t just flipping over a new calendar year. Freedom is found in what God gives us…
A life without limits leads to a soul without rest; a soul without rest leads to a life without joy.
To live free, you must limit whose thoughts you will linger on this year.
To life free, you must limit what advice you will listen to this year.
To live free, you must limit whose applause you will live for this year.”
To be honest, I can be a little like Lady Gaga sometimes: I live for the applause. I crave attention and I’m a people pleaser. I grew up in a large family, next a drama queen, then a depressed, stifled housewife. I care so deeply for others, but I also like the flowers, chocolates, words of affirmation, or the pat on the back I get when someone notices me or my gifts.
In gym classes, I tend to compare myself to so many, thinking “oh I don’t have her _(body part)_”! Or “if only I was as fast or as coordinated as her!”
When I am running, I wish I was faster or could go longer up hills.
This year I want to live free. I want to rest, not drive myself to try harder.
How about you?


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