Review of the huxfit TP Buddie

I ran into huxfit at Idea World fitness expo. I had never heard of this new grassroots company, but I was drawn to their innovative massager, the TP Buddie. The what?!, you say?
It’s a buddie for your Trigger Points!
Ouch? Uncomfortable? Quite the contrary, my friend.
The minute I tested the product I became more relaxed, right then and there.
I am not a fan of vibrating massage chairs, electrical stimulation, or even battery powered hand massagers. It makes me numb, too ticklish and tingly, and it is uncomfortable.
I am hyper mobile and I think I have ADHD. I am hypersensitive to noise and it takes me forever to force myself to slow down and relax. Yoga, meditation, ocean or gardens or parks, bubble baths, essential oils, all help me but I seriously need to force myself to schedule those. I know I could use more massages, but that takes time and money. I am so sensitive that I have to tell masseuses and trainers and therapists to be extra gentle- I can’t handle the deep tissue!
And, on top of it all, is the fact that I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders. With the TP buddie I control how deep I go or can simply tell the other person to go harder or softer, etc.
When I feel tense now, I grab the TP Buddie or I hand it to my husband and he helps me massage my back.
That night during the Expo I took it to show my friends I was staying with and massaged all the tension out of my friend’s back. He had had a long stressful day driving to visit a prison(I think through a church ministry), which was draining, and I almost helped him to go to sleep. He fell in love with the TP buddie.
Ever since August, my husband loves the TP Buddie also. He just uses it on his own neck or shoulder or asks me to work on a spot on his back.
This is so great for couples or friends to use.
The TP buddie gently rubs all the pain and tension out in a slow healthy doable way. So you don’t need a partner but you may want to give one so you can have your own!
I hope gyms, chiro and physical therapy clinics will all give it a try!

I received a wonderfully handy tool the TP Buddie for review. No monetary compensation, and all opinions are my own. Please consult your doctor if you’re experiencing pain or inflammation.



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