Introducing the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue

Remember I went to this huge, amazing IDEA WORLD Fitness Expo and BlogFest? The blogfest part was amazing, thanks to my SweatPInk, Sweat Guru friends over at Fit Approach.  However, I was so fascinated by all the new products and, even more excited about all the networking with Fitness Professionals at the expo.  I ran into trainers, met technicians, saw athletes and watched dancers. Best of all, I met new friends like Marc Erickson from Studio-Cycles, who I have been communicating with.  Recently, his colleague Justin brought me my very own SCHWINN AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue to try!


After meeting at IDEA World, we have been discussing the idea of me testing different products from them and blogging reviews, here on my site and on their site.  I was thrilled that they would offer me this opportunity!

Disclaimer: I was asked to review a Studio-Cycle Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor cycle bike.  I was not compensated monetarily and ALL opinions are my own.

From the moment I clicked in with my Pearlizumi shoes, I knew I had found a wonderful bike.  The saddle is comfortable and I can get a really good workout or just glide to cool down.  I found that they purposefully make this a smooth and quiet ride for most users, and it’s not clinky-clunky or awkward like some of the lesser, cheaper bikes I’ve had to ride on.  (I usually go to 24 Hour Fitness, but I’ve tried YMCA, Total Woman, and Pedal Spin; they all use different bikes, but I don’t think they use Schwinn).  It isn’t squeaky or makes a loud clang like I’ve heard elsewhere.

I fell in love with the design and easy feel.  I almost got too comfortable, so I easily turned the red knob a little and got one, hot, sweaty workout!  I have tried short 20-30 minute rides and they have given me great workouts on this bike.
The true test was a one-hour sweat session I gave it. I went up hill and down, with a full warm up and cool down.  I straightened my back and rolled my shoulders and stretched my arms.  I sped up and did some good straight sprints with this bike, and also enjoyed the slow tread that the resistance knob gave me.  I haven’t seen anything this chic – it’s cool and calming, but still gives me a super hard workout!

The specs: The handlebars have dual cages for your valuables and a water bottle.  The red knob eases to the right for a hardcore incline, or you can easily switch to the left to go downhill or work on speed.  The seat is easily adjustable to my height.  The bike even has adjustable “feet” that protect my wood floors.   The pedals are not only “clickable” they have little shoe cages too (if I’m in a hurry to start and I can’t find my cycle shoes, I can use sneakers).  (For more info on clips vs. clipless shoes and pedals, go to their website studio cycles where you can substitute these pedals in as this allows for clipless or clips with SPD!

If you’re an indoor cyclist looking for a really great indoor bike for home, office, gym, group class or by yourself, this is the top notch bike to get!  Call their toll free line at 888-909-BIKE (2453) and check them out if you’re local: 420 Hindry Av Unit F, Los Angeles 90301.

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