Goals, lists, and guilt!

Jessica from happyishealthyblog.com is one of my fave new blogging buds I got to meet at Idea World Blog Fest! She posted two things I wanted to share with you:
About a week ago she posted that she was joining Mandie’s (mandiem.com )facebook group that is following Chalene Johnson (author, PiYo creator, and supreme motivator podcast vlogger Queen!)’s PUSH 30 day program! So I joined (like one day late). This is awesome because it is finally teaching me to focus and write goals, to write doable to do lists every day, and feel more organized!
This is so excellent because I was getting discouraged thinking I was “stuck at home” (not in the gym) while I’m in Physical therapy for my back injury. I was feeling behind and overwhelmed but also underwhelmed at the same time. I feel drained – drowning and swamped at work but unmotivated to cook, clean or workout while at home(my husband helps with the cleaning, especially since I hurt my back)! All I wanted was comfort food or a date night or binge watching! I feel guilty when I don’t spend time with my friends or I get behind on emails, or when I don’t spend time cooking healthy meals, AND, when I don’t blog every week!
Then yesterday I was feeling guilty because I “only” went to yoga. It was a busy full Saturday, errands and fun at choir, but I made time for rest and a DIY facial!:)
Then I saw Jessica’s post just now: she feels great and looks awesome after her Pilates workout!:) I realized something: I do not need to feel guilty! Today I sang choir and helped the kids at church and had a piano lesson. When I got home all I wanted to do was chill. My husband and I went for a delightful sunset walk and now I’m relaxing and looking over the goals and lists.
Last Tuesday I went on a slight “hike” in a way(my PT told me to stay off hills), visiting the nearby equestrian center and listening to an excellent podcast(by Chalene Johnson). She interviewed Greg McKeown who wrote “Disciplined Pursuit of Less” – and talked about the undisciplined pursuit of more! So good!
On the way back to my car- I prayed for my boss who’s friend has ALS(the worst, most awful disease!)- and it was as if God spoke to me through these two crazy squirrels! Hahaha LOL I am not kidding! These two little brown squirrels were fighting and squealing and running around acting pretty silly! I think they might have been fighting over food or a tree(their territory), but it was so funny after listening to that podcast and my prayer walk. It was so intriguing, seeing myself and others in nature- we can act pretty insane if we are hungry, territorial or stressed out! We can get mean, irritable or emotional because we are running around trying to accomplish more, do more, see or get what we want, in an impatient way.
It’s all in my perspective. If I just add to my plate and try to spin more, if I get on the spin bike and spin more everyday, I’m not going to get any better.
If I make small measurable goals and break them into tasks, then what I want can and will happen! Thanks to people like Jessica!:)

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