Once upon a time…

There was a little golden haired princess who loved to sit on her daddy’s lap. He would tell her stories and take her by the hand for walks, and make her laugh. They would watch movies and even the Los Angeles Lakers playing basketball on television. “One day, she said, I want to go there and see a live professional game!”
She ran long distance track and field and dreamed of being a Dodger diamond girl or an LA lakers girl. She wanted long blond curls and wanted to learn how to dance and cheer and sparkle like they did. She wasn’t very fast or super athletic, but running gave her energy and helped lift her spirits.
In college she fell into depression and gained weight. She didn’t have a team or any close friends she could confide in, and fell into financial troubles.
All of a sudden, one friend who happened to be a personal trainer, got her off the couch and into a gym.
She had found that with proper nutrition and exercise, she could have her wish of the LA Laker girl confidence she had seen on television.
Two years later a handsome Prince Charming danced his way into her life. He took her to a LA Kings game and a Michael Buble concert – both at the Staples Center where the Lakers played.
She didn’t give up on her dream. She became a serious gym fanatic and started this fitness blog and networked her way to a Lorna Jane active nation day where she met Christine Bullock.
One day she saw a post about trying out a fabulous fitness app called “BodyStream” and that Christine Bullock was doing a fitness challenge with them…
Guess what the prize was?!
Two tickets to a Lakers game with Christine! This girl won!
I tried the app while I was also doing the diet bet game. It’s a fun app especially if you enjoy posting your fit stats or a workout or getting fun easy recipe ideas.
I got to enjoy the game last night with my Prince and with Christine!
Thanks again Sarah from BodyStream, and to Christine for all the helpful tips and inspiration!

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