2 n 1 dvd reviews!

I realized I didn’t post these! I have had an unusual Fall: I tripped in August, twisted my ankle (uneven sidewalk), had a cold, and hurt my back. I’ve been in and out of gyms and running and back to just walking and resting and a little yoga and a little spin. So whilst I was cooped up at home I have checked out the Hip Hop dance workout and the Kickboxing DVDs!

First of all, I enjoyed the Hip Hop dance video because it was super fun. I need to re watch it and break down the dances so that, with practice, I can really truly learn the moves. (See my previous posts- guest post with Jennifer from thezbeat.com, Zico day, and others where I’ve mentioned I’m not a fast learner on the floor). I loved the three gals’ energy and how they each put their own style in. It was colorful and easy to see(see below- kickboxing was different). I think with practice I could get a really good sweat going! I was thrilled that the DVD came with a little stretchy band to put over your ankle(s)- and they show you how at the cool down.

Personally I didn’t enjoy the kickboxing dvd very much. I do like piloxing and body combat class! I like turbo kick (turbo jam) but am not very good at it! The dark lighting made it hard to watch. I got a little bored with the guy- he seemed so pumped but I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t learn much because he goes over the basics which I’ve seen done in kickboxing classes. Please try it though, someone else out there might love it and it might be the workout you’re looking for. I hated the same synthesized music over and over, too. He seemed excited but I couldn’t really grasp why.

I don’t know maybe I’m still just too social and should stay at my gym classes!

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