My version of Dieting Better

I’ve been meaning to post this review!  I know you guys were dying to know my results of the Diet Bet game, the pros and maybe a con, if any, of the dietbetter site and app.

SO, here goes! In August I had the privilege of meeting one of my favorite lil’ bloggers, Kristin from AND she even gave me a snazzy lil’ tee with my favorite colors on it, that said, “DietBetter”!  I was all gung ho.

Till I decided to actually PLAY a DietBetgame and HOST it!

Don’t get me wrong – it was awesome!

… uhh…

I just love to eat and HATE dieting!

WOW, what a good challenge and motivator this was!  I invited so many people and tried to get all hyped up, not knowing what I was really getting into!  I was afraid we would all lose, lose our money, lose our confidence, or go home crying or something awful (yes, I presume the worst sometimes…)!  I don’t know why, because Kristin had great success with it and kept helping me and prodding me (gently nudging and kindly offering tips).  I didn’t eat hardly any snacks or desserts or candy for a month; I was conscious of the diet bet – afraid my friends or the diet bet staff would check up on me!

I had trouble sending in my official weight the first time; so it threw me off and I felt like I messed up, but if you follow their little instructions, it’s not that hard.  I synced my wi-things scale to the diet bet app which made it easy during the month.

I liked the Diet Bet App, but I didn’t use it a whole lot.  To be a host, it’s probably easier to use the website to set things up and keep it active.  My friends loved it; they loved the motivator and that one of my friends and I actually won our money back (or you can use this as credits towards another game)!  My supervisor really enjoyed it and she motivated me at work to keep on track; knowing she and I were in it together we could easily say No to baked goods or candy, et cetera that other coworkers had.

I really want to try it again (Maybe after the holidays or if-when I get pregnant and have extra baby weight to lose after), and there are virtual games with a lot more money in the pot.  I wouldn’t do them continually all the time because I don’t really need to lose a lot of weight.  I just don’t like watching the scale creep up. I want it to stay or drop 2-3lbs (which is what I fluctuate between anyway!)

I encourage you to check it out.  Or please check out my friend Kristin’s blog and she can help you also!


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