Zico day!

My friend told me about this wonderful event Zico (say zee-Coh) hosted last week, so I got the privilege of going.IMG_8741
First we did a fantastic workout with celeb trainer Jennifer Johnson, a hot, beautiful and strong sistah! She led this awesome banging bootcamp, which was like a twerking-hip hop-club cardio dance mix (with a great DJ named Nate), and we did these burning theraband (isometrics again!) booty/lower body exercises towards the end!IMG_8744
Ok, so confession time again: I am white. I may have soul, and you know I swing dance the basics(after years of practice), but I don’t have an internal metronome. I wish I could pick up Zumba and hip hop and other dances quicker, but I can’t because of my poor coordination. At least I got an ab workout because I was laughing and having fun!
Then we rehydrated with Zico. They had delicious smoothies(one even had banana which I can’t stand, and they had masked it pretty well!) and we got to sample their new Zico juice. Oh my word, the Zico oj and Zico pineapple mango were out of this world! Read more about it at bevnet.com.

Then we opted for massages or manicures. I got Zico blue nails!(my favorite color: the color of the ocean!) IMG_8750

I felt honored to be there, especially since they gave us some nice freebies too.


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